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The Perfect Swaddle Blanket

Made by parents, for parents.

Designed and Refined by a Mom Who Wanted Something Better

Imagine a baby swaddle designed by parents for their own baby,

made of a premium breathable fabric,

it actually helps sleep,

and it is crafted with materials made in the USA.


"The swaddle is soft, light weight, and keeps baby warm without breaking a sweat. Because of the stretch in the material he can move around in the swaddle without the swaddle kicking loose. ? temperature regulation is my favorite feature! And it dries quick and easy too!!!" -Jessica, RN

Our mission is to create the best infant sleeping experience through research and innovation.

We have started our mission with our first product, the swaddle blanket.

We call it the sleepy blanket.



Meet the Family Behind Southern Swaddle

The Family Behind Southern Swaddle

Meet Miriah, Adam, and Ellis, the family behind Southern Swaddle.

Miriah is the owner of Southern Swaddle.

She calls Adam her "numbers guy."

Ellis is the lead model and product tester!

Without her, there would be no company!

The idea of Southern Swaddle began when Miriah was researching products as a first-time mom.


She quickly realized there were a lot of "good" swaddles,

but no great ones.

After reading thousands of reviews on Amazon,

she had a few ideas on how swaddles could be improved.

When it comes to our children,

why settle for just good?

swaddle blanket - pink

Unique Performance Fabric

Miriah decided to forego the typical muslin fabric, and use something that excels in every possible way a mom could think of.

It had to be breathable like muslin, stretchy to allow for kicking, and of course, made in America!

Thin and Stretchy

She wanted fabric that was thin and stretchy, that results in a cool, comfortable sleeping experience for baby.

One problem she had with other swaddles is that baby Ellis would constantly kick out of them.

Even the pouch-type swaddles with zippers and/or Velcro were easily escaped.

Our swaddle blanket allows the baby to kick, but still stay wrapped up.

The stretchy fabric is key here.

Our performance fabric keeps the baby comfortably snug all night!


Our swaddle blanket is light and breathable.

Think of wool socks that wick away moisture.

Our swaddle is the same way.

Do you have a sweaty baby?

Our fabric will keep them cool in the summer, and warm in the winter. 

Why Cotton Isn't Very Breathable

Sure, cotton can be a comfy fabric.

It can also absorb around 7% of it's weight in moisture.

This means it retains the moisture it should be helping evaporate.

This makes it heavy and damp.

Our premium polyester absorbs less than 1% of it's weight in moisture.

This lets your baby sleep comfortably, even when they get a little warm.  

CPSIA Compliant

CPSIA is a fairly new act, so you may not have heard of it.

Remember in 2013 when pretty much every crib became obsolete?

This was what did that. 

The Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act was passed in 2013 and completely overhauled the vast majority of children's products.

It caused a lot of headaches for companies and manufacturers, but all in the name of greater safety for our children and infants.

Our fabric is CPSIA compliant.

This means it is tested and measured to be free of lead, phthalates, and other junk that shouldn't even be there in the first place.

Read more about the CPSIA here.

The Thing About Muslin..

If you have used a muslin swaddle,

chances are,

it was doused in flame retardant.

Since the majority of muslin is made in China, who knows what chemical what actually used.

Made in the USA

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 Why is Being Made in America So Important?

From the beginning, we decided that all of our products would be made using materials made in the United States.

At times, this can be difficult to do.

We have found that the majority of companies we would typically use have outsourced their operations to other countries.

It's Not That We Dislike Other Countries

We use materials made in the USA, even when they are much more expensive than we could get them made in China.

Why do things made here usually cost more?

Even with the expensive costs of international shipping, products and materials typically cost 3-5 times less overseas.

We believe much of the cost has to do with the costs of paying a fair wage.

Factories in overseas countries undercut costs by taking shortcuts and paying unfair wages. 

There are countless stories of dangerous chemicals being substituted into typically safe products.

We sleep well knowing that our products are created by people paid a fair wage.

Our baby Ellis sleeps well, too! =)

Find out why by trying out one of our swaddles today!



Made in America

Quality Control

We can't control what we can't see.

If we had our products made overseas, we wouldn't be able to see how they were being made.

We wouldn't even know if the correct fabric was being used.

We actually live about ten minutes from our manufacturer.

Any time we need to, we can stop by and see how things are going.

We love being able to be involved in the process and check things out when we need to.

Why Do Babies Need Swaddling?

Swaddling can be a new parent's best friend!

Most babies receive their first swaddle hours after they are born.

You have probably seen them for yourself, the white swaddle blankets with blue and red stripes.

Hospitals know they work.

A Quick History

Swaddling has been around for thousands of years.

There are old, old stories mentioning swaddling linens.

Swaddling declined in the 1970s, due to an increase in the use of sedative medicines to put the baby to sleep.

A returned interest in natural remedies has brought swaddling back to life.

Thank goodness!


We knew from the beginning we didn't want to create a business simply to profit.

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