We may be changing a diaper, so check here before contacting us to get a quick answer!

What kind of fabric are the swaddles made with?

We use a premium 100% polyester fabric made and dyed in America. It is tested and certified as CPSIA compliant, which we are very proud of! Our fabric is produced by an eco-friendly, sustainable company.

Do you offer returns?

Yes! We offer returns up to 65 days after the purchase date. Read more on our Return & Guarantee page.

Do you offer free shipping?

Yes! We offer free shipping on all orders over $5. This pretty much includes everything except small accessories, like stickers.

I'm a parent/doula/midwife/nurse! Can I get free stuff?

Sure! Visit our Brand Ambassador page to apply to be a brand ambassador! We are building a network of super cool parents, nurses, midwifes, doulas, etc.

I am a blogger! Can I get a free swaddle?

We are currently working on making an easy "shout out" form for this. For now, send us a message through our Contact Us Page, or via email at

 Do you sell to retailers?

Yes, we do! Fill out our Wholesale Application to get started.

Visit our Contact Page to send us a message. We respond really quick!