What's in a name?

One of my favorite questions we received during the Launchpad competition was ‘why did we choose the name Southern Swaddle’?. A judge was curious how it would translate into other products that weren’t a swaddle. It was something we were prepared to answer, because it was something Adam and I had talked about a lot in the beginning. We know Southern Swaddle may just make you think of swaddles, but it is more than that. To us, the southern part conveys a sense of home and hospitality. We want our company to feel welcoming and full of love, like a good glass of tea and a hug from your Grandma. We also believe that swaddle can mean more than just a product. When you think of a swaddle you think comfort, security, warmth, and sleep. Our aim is to create innovative infant sleep products. When you think sleep we want you to think and feel all of those things we feel like a swaddle represents. When you think of us we want you to think and feel all of the best parts of being southern.

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