We've been on Vacation!

     Sorry for the hiatus, Southern Swaddle has been at the beach! Adam and I took baby Ellis to Orange Beach for the first time, and we had a blast! Being that she’s not even three months old yet she’ll never remember it, but we sure will. She was so cute out in her little baby bikini! Of course Papa Bear thinks she’s a little too young for a two piece, but how cute is she in it!? Adam had to work while we were there, but we still made time for relaxing and beach time. Plus, we snapped some really great pictures!
     Now we are getting in some much needed family time at my parents. We’ve locked ourselves in to be lazy and watch home movies and pig out on junk food! Needless to say, we’ve been having a pretty good time. Now that we have our own baby love, it is really fun to see how I looked and acted when I was younger. If she is anything like me then we will be lucky. If she’s anything like my sister then we’re going to have our hands full (I’m looking at you, Miranda).
     Now that we are back from the beach, we are in full work mode. We are preparing for the final round of Shoals Alabama Launchpad. I’m excited, but it is definitely that nervous excitement. The kind that comes before you do something new or something a little scary. We’ve got the budget finalized and perfected, so now all we have to do is nail down the pitch. If you haven’t made plans already then please come see us pitch on February 21st. You'll hopefully see us win some money for our business! It is going to be a very exciting night!
     We’ve been working on some new Southern Swaddle products! We’ve got our brand new Lovey up on our website! It’s the perfect gift for little ones that have outgrown a swaddle but still love the comfort ours provides. We are also still accepting applications for Brand Ambassadors. We encourage everyone to apply!
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