We Have Officially Launched!


   This week marks our official launch! Our Kickstarter campaign didn't meet our goal, so we are launching a little earlier by taking pre-orders. We have set a ship date of no later than December 14th. This should give you enough time to receive it for a last-minute Christmas gift :). We are launching with a 25% discount for our social media followers. Use the code SOCIAL25 at checkout! We are launching with a discount to boost our sales. We won't normally run discounts on our products. We wanted to offer a small reward to everyone that helps us out in the beginning. Use the widget below to add a swaddle to your cart. We know you will love it!



   We have been getting ready for our pitch competition November 17th. We have a practice night this week to help us prepare for it. We hope you can come out to the Idea Audition to show your support and check out other ideas in the Shoals. For more information, visit the Shoals Idea Audition website.


   We also have our first project coming up soon. We will be announcing our partnership and how we are kicking off our first project. We are excited! We think it will really make a difference in our community.

Thanks for reading!


-Adam & Miriah

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