Our Newest Member & the Shoals Idea Audition!

Whew! What a blur the past few days have been! To our amazement, our little love came three days early. We have been waiting for what seems like forever! After just a few short hours, our 7lb baby girl was born. She's everything we could have hoped for and were so excited to finally be a family of three! We've finally adjusted to our new sleep schedule, so it's back to work for us. 

Last night was the Shoals Idea Audition! In our down time at the hospital and in between night feedings we had been excitingly practicing our pitch. We missed the practice round due to our sweet Ellis being born, but luckily that didn't set us back. Adam did such a good job presenting for us that we made it to the final round! The six finalists had to pitch on stage in front of all the judges and attendees for a chance to win prize money for their idea. We ended up not placing in the top three, but we are still on cloud nine for even making it to the final round! It was such great experience! It was great practice for the Shoals Alabama Launch Pad coming up in February. 

We have something big planned for next week, so keep up with us on our social media pages, and as always on our blog! We appreciate everyone who continues to support us in everything we've been doing! You keep us motivated! 


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