Our Grand Launch

I haven’t sat down to blog in quite a while. Since my last post, we have progressed quite a bit! Since the Launchpad competition, we have put our winnings to good use! We have finally been able to make our dream swaddle! We have new, improved swaddles, and we have decided to relaunch our company!


May 20th will be our official launch date! We are going to be hanging out that Saturday at The Baby's Room in Florence and showing off the new swaddles. We love working with them! If you need a swaddle now, stop by The Baby's Room! We aren't currently selling from our website in anticipation of our launch. Check The Baby's Room Facebook if you need more details!

We’re amping up to relaunch and really take it to the next level! We now have professionally designed packaging, and two new fabric colors. I am over the moon to see our hard work come together! The boxes are absolutely beautiful and are going to look amazing on store shelves. We have our first sample in and will be showing it off very soon, so keep a look out! I’m also super excited to show off our two new colors! Adam and I originally wanted to add one new color for our relaunch but we couldn’t narrow it down. Now you’ll have five wonderful colors to choose from!

Southern Swaddle retail packaging

little bitty preview of our new packaging!

The swaddles are also going to be a higher quality than what we’ve been able to produce at home. Our local manufacturer (Yep, right here in Florence!) has done such a good job at making each swaddle perfect and they look amazing!

It was difficult to pull off, but we were able to have every part of the swaddle made in the United States. The thread, the fabric, the packaging- everything! Even our stickers and t-shirts are manufactured and printed here!

American flag

We have lots of promotional items on the way and will be giving things away throughout the month. Keep a check on those and win something cool! Prizes will include shirts, lots of stickers, and a few bigger surprises in the works! We have already had one giveaway and sent a bunch of stickers to a few people. Our next giveaway will be tomorrow (Friday) on our Facebook page!


new stickers!

If you haven’t yet, then like us on Facebook, and check out our Instagram!

Thank you so much for being a part of our story! We love the continued support, and couldn’t do it without you all!!



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  • Good luck you guys. Wish you the best

    Peggy Wallace

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