Our Cause & Latest Progress

Hello swaddlers!

We have made a lot of progress lately and we felt we needed to share it! We are honored to have so much help and support for our growing little company. We have been featured on and Times Daily. We look forward to making a difference in our community and state through our business.

We had a few meetings this week that we are excited about. We will be making some major announcements about these soon. For now, we can say that we have found a way we can start working on our goal of lowering the infant mortality rate in Alabama. We want to work with our local and state government, health workers, and dedicated moms to make Alabama an example state for the rest of the country. We can do it! Some of the causes are out of our control, but with your help and support, we can actually begin to save the lives of moms and babies. We are thrilled and honored to be a part of this cause.

We have updated our Southern Swaddle Kickstarter page, based on lots of feedback and suggestions. We are currently at 14%!

We have also signed up to be a part of the Shoals Idea Audition and the first inaugural Shoals Alabama Launchpad. These are pitch competitions that take place here in the Shoals. Feel free to come out an support us at the Shoals Idea Audition on November 17th! We will be posting more details about it soon.

If you haven't yet, please consider donating $1 to our Kickstarter Campaign. Getting more backers shows momentum and really, really helps out our campaign. Without your help, our little company can't get the jump start it needs. If you make a pledge on Kickstarter, you aren't charged unless we meet our goal of $3,200. If we do meet our goal, you won't be charged until November 4th, the last day of our campaign.

We are exited about the upcoming weeks, and will keep you updated as we move forward. Thanks for reading!


-Adam & Miriah


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