Kickstarter Update #1

Hello swaddlers!

   We have had a better than expected beginning to our Kickstarter! We are currently at 8% and going strong. We received our first non-family backer and got so excited! It has been pretty fun so far seeing our project come to life. It is definitely a unique experience. We have learned so much about communication and Kickstarter. It is one thing to plan, and another to execute. We have been working steadily to improve our presentation, and have some product photos coming soon!

   We had our first photo shoot today, which was so fun! Babies make the best little models. We sure do appreciate the moms that came out to be a part of it! We can't wait to post them! 

   Thanks for sharing our posts and keeping an eye on us! Keep a check on our Facebook page, we have some cool updates coming this week! Also, look at our Kickstarter page if you haven't, we have been working on it!


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