Getting Technical

   Thanks to advice from moms around the country, we are now wrapping up product design! We have received tons of great feedback that we have made sure to account for in our design. Miriah has spent countless hours reaching out to people and organizing the responses. We are so glad to have received so much support so far! 

  We have completed our first tech pack to be sent to our supplier. We can't name our supplier just yet, but we are proud to say that they operate in the United States! Being made in the USA is very, very important to us. Not only as business owners, but as parents. How could you possibly know everything about a product made on the other side of the world? We want complete control of quality so we can sleep soundly at night.

Our next step is to ensure that our tech pack has everything it needs so that our supplier can properly make the swaddle. Updates coming soon!



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