Fabric Design Photoshoot and Kickstarter Update

Hey swaddlers!

   Thanks for tuning in! We have been increasingly busy as usual. For every item we check off the to-do list, two more appear! We have decided on our first three fabric designs, which we have been revealing on our social media pages this week. If you haven't followed us on Twitter or Instagram yet, now is the time. :) We mainly release content on Instagram, but sometimes we tweet just for fun. 

   We have picked three fabric designs so that we can start out with a small, streamlined offering. We have decided to go with a blanket swaddle as our first product. We chose gray floral, soft mint, and periwinkle polka dot!

First lineup for our blanket swaddle.

   We are still working hard on an innovative swaddle, but it is going to take time to go through safety certifications and testing. We have moved our Kickstarter launch date to October 1st so that we can implement some of the changes we made.

   This week we will be working on making our video! It sounds easy, but a proper video has been one of our main challenges so far, besides finding fabric made in the USA.  We learned that the Florence Public Library has an awesome maker space, which is a huge achievement for Florence. They have a green screen area, nice video cameras-- even computers and software to edit the video with. We will definitely be using it to make parts of our video. For more information on the Collaboratory at Florence Public Library, check out their Facebook page. I'm sure they would love a like!

   Thanks for reading! We will update as soon as possible!




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