Busy, Busy Week

   It has been quite a busy week! We have pitched our story to a lot of people and have received great feedback! We have some exciting things we will be revealing soon. 

   Friday we went to the Biz Buzz meeting at the Florence Public Library to hear Natalie Chanin speak. It was awesome getting to hear her story on how her company came about. It is so refreshing to know that the Shoals area has people as inspiring as Natalie is. In fact, we were so inspired we went home and made some shirts that we can wear around to help generate conversation. We hope you like them!

Southern Swaddle Shirt Design 1

   We used our current logo design as a basis for the shirts. After a few sketches on paper, we started cutting up what fabric we had. They are pretty rough looking, but, hey, it's our first time!

Southern Swaddle Shirt Design 2


   We have made a few more changes to our swaddle design which we will be prototyping this week. Sewing is hard but fun at the same time. We would simply hire the prototyping out, but from the cost estimates we received we realized it can be very expensive! We can't wait to reveal our finished product very soon!


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