A Very Merry Un-Birthday!

   It's been another busy week for the Southern Swaddle crew. We've been up in Knoxville, TN visiting Adam's family. As always we had a blast, but we had to hurry home because we had swaddles to ship out. I don’t think the excitement of seeing orders come in will ever go away! And shipping them out is just as fun!

   We also got our feedback from the first round of pitching at the Shoals Alabama Launchpad on Thursday. We received some great advice on how to improve our business and what to do as we move forward as a company! Our next deadline for the competition is Monday. We are locking ourselves in the office all weekend implementing the judges suggestions and sewing swaddles!  Friday morning we had a meeting at the Small Business Development Center at UNA. It was extremely helpful as always! Then we attended this month's Biz Buzz at the Florence Public Library. If you haven’t attended a Biz Buzz yet, you should! I love hearing local business owners tell their story. It is so inspiring as a young startup to hear how other successful entrepreneurs got started! We’ve met some great people at these events and probably wouldn’t be this far along without them. We cannot wait to see you there, and would love to have you sit with us!

   On another note, can you believe our sweet Baby Ellis turned 2 months this week!? I can’t believe my tiny newborn is already growing out of her sweet baby clothes and is holding her head up! Becoming her mother is the greatest gift I’ve ever received. Somehow two months seems like a week and eternity all at once. I’ve been told when you have a child you forget what life without them was like, and it’s so true. She is our tiny best friend! She’s the whole reason behind our idea. We demand safer, better products for our baby, so we make them, and we want to share them with you!

2 months

   Speaking of making safer, better products, we’ve officially been at it for 6 WHOLE MONTHS now! Isn’t that crazy!? Back in August we had an idea to make our own swaddles for Ellis and that idea snowballed into Southern Swaddle. If you would have told us back then that we would be where we are now, I know we wouldn’t have believed you! Hard works pays off, but fortunately for us, when you love what you’re doing, it never feels like work. I want to scream a million Thank You’s to everyone that has helped us get to this point! But I don’t feel like saying Thank You will ever be enough. If you're reading this now, follow us on social media, like our posts, or have told a friend about us, then you’ve helped us get here! Because of you we are here, we are real, and we are thankful!

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